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Whiz Kids

Want to impact the life of a child? Whiz Kids is looking for caring volunteers who are willing to tutor and mentor an elementary student once a week. Whiz Kids is a faith based non-profit that offers free one-to-one tutoring, mentoring, and spiritual nurture to elementary students who are behind academically and who typically couldn’t afford tutoring. We have around 40 sites (6 sites in the Littleton and Englewood area) that each meet once a week, October-April, for one and a half hours. That time is broken down into one hour of tutoring and a half hour of Club time where a trained Club Leader shares a bible message about God’s great love for us!

Each tutor is matched with a student that they work with for the entire tutoring year. This consistency allows tutors and student to form trust and a strong bond, which helps their relationship and enhances their tutoring time. By consistently showing up each week for a student, you make a difference. Will you join us?

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