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The seminary does not offer or endorse a major medical plan or particular insurance agent. However, the below options can assist with the various types of insurance plans you may need during your time at Denver Seminary.



Student-specific insurance plans have mostly been absorbed by the Affordable Care Act, which offers a variety of plans to meet your individual needs, based on your income level and family size.
Denver Seminary does not offer any insurance plans, but we’ve compiled the below list to assist you with options to help you find an insurance that meets your specific needs.



Denver Seminary is invested in the health and welfare of our students, and the desire of the Student Life department is to empower students to take responsibility for their personal health. Therefore, while we do not require that students have health insurance as a condition of enrollment,*we are pleased to provide our students with a variety of resources for cost-effective health insurance options. 

For the convenience of Denver Seminary Students, the Seminary provides the below information as a resource to students in finding health care options. In providing this resource, Denver Seminary is not giving medical advice, making referrals, or making recommendations about individual area providers. The Seminary encourages students to make their own decisions about whether a provider is a good fit for them and can provide the particular services that a student may seek. The following does not constitute a referral but rather is a reference of insurance plans. Upon deciding on an insurance plan for oneself, a person acts as an independent customer of the insurance that s/he is choosing.

*Health insurance is required for all international students and their dependents for the duration of their studies at Denver Seminary. 


*Insurance companies you use for car, house, or life insurance (State Farm, Farmers, Geico, Allstate, etc.) will partner with major medical providers to offer discounted health insurance options (basic coverage) to bundle with your current insurance.

Connect for Health Colorado

Connect for Health Colorado is a health insurance marketplace that offers discounted options (based on income level) in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. This is where most residents of Colorado go for insurance if they do not already have insurance under a company plan.

Medicaid (Colorado Health)

Medicaid (Colorado Health) is available for all CO residents who meet income and documentation guidelines.

National Benefits Consultants

​​If you need assistance navigating the world of insurance and have more extensive questions, local insurance consultants can be of help.


National Benefits Consultants offer students an advisor in navigating health insurance options. Their resource, Colorado Health Link, provides rate quotes and a wide variety of carrier options. National Benefits can help with Individual Major Medical, Short-term Medical, Travel Insurance, Dental, Vision, Long-term Care, Disability, Life Insurance, Substandard Life &  Group Benefits. For specific questions about coverage, please contact licensed insurance agent Tim Noel for a free consultation. Tim's office is located next to the Seminary.


Medi-share organizations are not insurance, but offer cost-sharing medical benefits to its members. Medi-share organizations fall within government-sanction, “health coverage exemption."


If you are planning on traveling overseas, perhaps for vacation or a mission trip, we strongly encourage that you obtain travel insurance. The company we recommend is Mission Trip Insurance, a Division of Insurance Consultants International. In particular, their TripArmor plan is very helpful, as it is a flat rate for up to 30 days of travel. Give them a call, and be sure to say you're a Denver Seminary Student!


All international students and their dependents are required to have health insurance through the duration of their studies at Denver Seminary, and we are pleased to make you aware of the following options available coverage from 5 days to 2 years:

  • Global Health Insurance, a Division of Insurance Consultants International, has many different plans from which to choose, and they can help you find the plan that best fits your needs. Let them know you'll be a Denver Seminary Student!

  • iNext International Medical Insurance offers three plans that give international students who are temporarily living in the U.S. affordable access to quality healthcare. With iNext Essential, iNext Scholar, and iNext Scholar Plus, you can pursue your academic goals in the U.S. with the confidence and security that you’re covered in case of illness or accident.

  • International Student Insurance offers four levels of coverage under the Student Secure Plan from which to choose.

  • ISO Insurance is a company established by international students and is designed specifically for international students with a variety of plan options. 

  • National Benefits Consultants provides temporary coverage for those traveling outside their home country through their Patriot Travel Medical Insurance plan. 

TEMPORARY OPTIONS (Short-term Coverage)


Discount Dental Plans are a low cost alternative to dental insurance providing pre-negotiated dental discounts from 20% to 70%.

  • One of the largest nationwide dental networks

  • Starting at only $13 a month

  • No waiting on ANY services or dental procedures

  • No limits on use. Use as much as you like every year

  • Everyone is accepted. No restrictions and no age limits

  • Flexible payments: monthly, quarterly, and annually

  • Discounts on specialists

  • Ortho (braces) for children and adults

  • Thousands of satisfied members

  • Free discount services on Rx, vision, and hearing

Visit the dental insurance coverage website for more information.

Dental and Vision Resources

Below are some premium rates per month:

  • Student Only       $14.15

  • Student +1           $22.75

  • Student +2          $30.68

  • Family                 $35.88

Please see the attached documents for more information regarding this plan. 


The National Student Services, INC. is a recognized insurance company designed for students and offers liability insurance. This liability coverage can protect the housing structure that you reside in for up to $30,000.00. Visit the website today to see and inquire for more information. Note, to live in the on-campus apartments, you are required to carry renter's insurance. Reach out to the Housing office for more information.


Insurance companies you use for car, house, or life insurance (State Farm, Farmers, Geico, Allstate, etc.) will partner with major medical providers to offer discounted health insurance options (basic coverage) to bundle with your current insurance.


Root Car Insurance App

Download the Root Car Insurance app which measures elements of safe driving behavior (braking, speed, route consistency) and offers customizable insurance rates/coverage options.


Members can save an average of $575/year on insurance by utilizing their Costco membership with Ameriprise Insurance.

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