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Campus Safety

Denver Seminary is committed to providing a safe environment for all members of the campus community. We encourage all of our students to join in helping to keep our campus safe. 
If you see something, say something.


At Your


There may be a time when you or your family feel uncomfortable traveling across campus or navigating an outlying parking lot, especially when it gets dark earlier in the fall and winter. The Denver Seminary Security Team will be happy to safely escort anyone from one on-campus location to another on-campus location during normal business hours. Call 303.961.1184 if you need assistance. We encourage you to save this number in your cell phone contacts.


Communication System

Register for approved Denver Seminary emergency communications (lockdowns, evacuations, dangerous situations, school closures due to weather) and other important information via text message and email at


Rave does not charge subscribers to send or receive SMS messages. Standard or other messaging charges apply depending upon your wireless carrier plan and subscription details.


Once registered, you can opt out of SMS messages at any time by texting STOP to 67283 or 226787.

Reverse 911 Notification System

The emergency notification system enables local authorities to provide essential information quickly in a variety of critical situations, such as fires, floods, evacuation of buildings or neighborhoods, and other emergencies. 

If you have a landline phone, you are already in the notification system.  We also urge you to register your mobile phones to one or more of the following counties. If you live in Parker, for example, you should register in both Douglas County and Arapahoe County (DenSem’s jurisdiction).

Arapahoe County Alert Program

Douglas County CodeRed

Jefferson County CodeRed

City of Aurora Citizen Alert

Standard Response Protocol


The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) provides consistent, clear, shared language and actions among all students, faculty, staff, and first responders that can be applied to any emergency.

You can find Standard Response Protocol posters hung around campus or available to download here.  Additionally, we invite you to view an informational video explaining the SRP.

Crime on the Seminary Campus

As our annual crime statistics indicate, we have been very fortunate in having a low campus crime rate. However, we have not been crime free, and realize that appropriate policies, in conjunction with personal responsibility and vigilance on the part of all members of our community, are necessary to maintain an environment of safety.
Car break-ins and bike thefts are the crimes with which we deal the most on the Seminary campus. As such, we encourage all members of our community to lock vehicles at all times and refrain from keeping valuables inside, and secure bikes with a strong lock.

Littleton Police & Fire Departments


Call 911 for an emergency situation

LPD Dispatcher:

Call 303.794.1551 

for a non-emergency situation

​Denver Seminary Security


List your important emergency contact numbers and information in your wallet, planner, or backpack if you carry one. Plan ahead and help those who want to help you in an emergency. 

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