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Our staff of professional editors is available to review papers for formatting, grammar, and other issues that may be of concern to students.

Cost. Editing is available for $20/hour to students enrolled at the Littleton campus as in-person, global, or online-only students. Students enrolled at our Washington, DC, campus should contact Writing Coach Brenda Whitelaw regarding editing.


Many of our international students are eligible to receive 10 hours of complimentary editing during spring and fall semesters and an additional five hours during summer sessions. Please visit our International Students Writing Center Resources page for more information.

How We Can Help. Here are a few of the things we can review:

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  • Content and structure (e.g., is the order logical? Are headings needed?)

  • Footnotes, parenthetical citations, and bibliographies (e.g., is everything formatted correctly according to APA/Turabian?)

When submitting editing requests, you may specify the level of editing you prefer. For example, perhaps you just want to make sure you've followed APA or Turabian form correctly. Or maybe you're more concerned about your grammar and punctuation. These are examples of "targeted" edits. If you want your paper reviewed for all of the potential issues listed above, that would be a "full" edit. If no level of editing is specified, the editor will do a full edit.


Read our FAQs for more information on what you can and cannot expect from us. You may also find it valuable to download, review, and consult our writing resources while writing your papers.

We also edit résumés and cover letters for $20/hr!

Questions? Email us with questions or for more details.


For scheduling purposes, editors need at least 48 hours (two weekdays) to complete papers under 10 pages, and 72 hours (three weekdays) for 10–20 page papers. Requests for papers over 20 pages are accepted on a case-by-case basis and require additional lead time. Requests are received Monday through Friday during business hours and completion is timed from receipt of request, not including weekends or holidays, though your paper may be returned to you at any time.


Please submit your paper formatted in Microsoft Word documents only. We do not edit .pdfs or papers formatted in Pages or Google Docs. If you do not have Microsoft Office 365, please visit this link for instructions on how to download it.

Send an email to and attach the paper that you want to have edited. Include the following information:

  • Your contact information

  • Your degree track

  • Course title and professor’s name

  • A brief summary of the assignment (you may also attach an assignment sheet)

  • How much time you would like spent editing this paper

  • Paper's length in total pages

  • The level of editing you would like, e.g., a focused edit or a full edit. (If a level is not specified, the editor will do a full edit.)

  • Your paper’s due date and time

  • The date you would like to have the paper returned

Note: If your paper is not finished and you want to reserve editing in advance, you may do so by sending the Writing Center an email (with the information outlined above) and letting us know approximately when the paper will arrive.

The designated editor will contact you to let you know that s/he will be working on your paper and will edit it using Word's track changes feature. Once completed, you will receive the paper back with an explanation of the edits. After you have worked with an editor (including the Coordinator), you may contact that editor directly in the future.  

Students are expected to pay editors via personal check or through an agreed-upon method of sending payment (Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, etc.).


Jana Matthews  Coordinator & Editor

Before Jana became the Writing Center Coordinator in 2013, she spent a decade working for NPR, a US congressman, and three federal departments as a White House political appointee in Washington, DC. She served as a congressional liaison and on staff with the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. Speaking, writing, and editing were significant elements of each position. She has edited doctoral and master’s theses, graduate research papers, and public documents for Denver Seminary since 2012. Jana lives in Boulder County with her husband and daughter, and holds a BS from Taylor University and an MA from Denver Seminary.

Mike Musselman

Tutor & Editor

Educated at Metropolitan State University of Denver (Denver, CO), Mike has invested most of his adult work life offering writing and editing services in a range of settings. Full-time work at two successive scientific trade publishing firms, over nearly 30 years, has been supplemented by freelance work, aiding writers of doctoral and masters theses, graduate and undergraduate papers, professional technical articles (providing editing and, occasionally, ghostwriting services) and full-length, nonfiction books. Before joining the Denver Seminary Writing Center staff in 2020, Mike offered editing and mentoring assistance to the seminary’s student body on an on-call basis.

Angela Riemer Editor

Angela has been editing and tutoring with the Writing Center since 2015. Since graduating from Denver Seminary in 2012 with a degree in Pastoral Counseling, Angela has worked with older adults in community living and in palliative/hospice care. In addition to editing, Angela is currently working on her counseling licensure, teaches K-8 emotional skills at a Lutheran school, and has started a counseling business. She is also president of her church congregation. Angela and her husband Aaron lived in the Lakewood/Littleton area for twenty years before relocating to Keenesburg.

Kathy Passerine Editor

Kathy Passerine has worked as an editor with the Denver Seminary Writing Center since fall of 2020. With her background in English Education, she enjoyed teaching writing at the middle and high school levels and has welcomed opportunities to edit writing projects for friends and manuscripts for print/online publication for individuals in the pastoral and business communities. She has a critical eye for structuring and organizing content and ensuring grammatical accuracy. During her free time, you will find Kathy spending time with friends, working out at the gym, and savoring a new read.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Jana Matthews
Writing Center Coordinator

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