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Zoom Subscription for DenSem Students

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Did you know you have your own *licensed* Denver Seminary Zoom account?! Register and login to host your very own Zoom meetings.

Special Features for Denver Seminary Student Licensed Accounts:

  • No 40 minute time limit on meetings

  • Custom Personal ID option

  • Access to Cloud Recording

  • Schedule meetings with classmates from within the Moodle course site.

  • Manage personal settings at

Directions to Sign Up:

  1. Download the Zoom Client from

  2. Sign in with email. Do not use Facebook, Google, or SSO.

  3. Use the “forgot” link in the password box to reset password. Password reset links will be sent to the email address.

  4. Follow all the prompts and then return to the Zoom client to login with email and new password.

For more information, contact:

Shawn Trueman

Director of Educational Technology

Zoom Security Update 4/3/2020

During this first week of April, there has been a significant amount of reporting in the media about Zoom’s security. These range from Zoom-bombing (uninvited participants disrupting meetings) to specific security issues. Jason Adams, who leads our IT department and Aaron Johnson, who leads our Ed Tech Department have discussed this at length. As of today, with the information we have, we believe Zoom is taking swift and appropriate action to address these issues. Zoom has suspended new feature development for 90 days to give complete attention to security updates. If you would like to review the response by Founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, you can access the post here.

At the beginning of the COVID crisis, Shawn Trueman and our ET Staff set up every Moodle class site with a Zoom integration which generates a unique address for every meeting. This greatly reduces exposure for things like Zoom-bombing, because it keeps those addresses unique and within Moodle. We do not use Zoom to relay personal student information, and we are working with your instructors and the seminary staff to use employ additional best practices to keep your class meetings secure and your information safe.

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