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Free Bound Journals from Denver Seminary’s Carey S. Thomas Library

We are weeding the print bound journals that are along the north-west wall of the library.

We would like to offer these to the students of the seminary. Please look through the list and let me know what you would be interested in, those responding to me first will have them held for you. “Dispose of Print” column has the volumes and/or years available. I will need the titles and volumes (#/year) that you want.

Please do not come over to get them at this time, for they need to be removed from the catalog. Since I am sure there will be duplicate requests, I will let you know which journals will be yours. Once we remove them from the catalog, you will be contacted to retrieve them.

You will have till, Monday, Nov. 9th to make any claims. Once that date has passed, I will process the requests and contact everyone.

Thank you for your help in making this a smooth process!

To make requests email,, you will hear back from me concerning when you can pick them up.

Revised Journal Discard
Download XLSX • 55KB


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