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Zoom Single Sign On

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Further details on Zoom Single Sign On:

There are three ways to login to zoom:

  1. By using the zoom App

  2. By browsing to

  3. By browsing to or following a link to

When you connect to (method 3) the only way to sign in will be with your seminary credentials like you do for the library. (Your username will be <username> and your password will be your primary password). You will no longer be able to use your email address and zoom password to sign in.

If you connect via the zoom app or the zoom website (method 1 or 2) you will continue to be able to use your email address and password as usual.

However, there will be another option in that you will also be able to (see illustrations below):

  1. Click the key icon in the bottom left corner that says SSO

  2. Enter "densem" as your company domain on the dialog box that follows

  3. Click continue and sign in with your seminary credentials.

You are encouraged to get in the habit of using this new method as it is easier to use and will likely be the only way to sign in at some point in the future.

Please note that if you are already signed into Moodle or any other application that uses Single Sign On, the computer will authenticate you automatically and will not prompt you for your credentials again.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the helpdesk!


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