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Unattended Personal Items

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Books, bags, backpacks, and other personal items should not be left unattended in common areas of campus buildings. Unattended items can lead to loss of property or identity theft. DenSem security guards will sweep the buildings at closing time and may, but are not obligated to, take abandoned items to Lost and Found.

Lost and Found is located at the Servery in the Student Center. Items are held for two weeks, and containers holding food or beverages will be discarded. Some items, such as cell phones, laptops, car keys, wallets, or purses may be kept by DenSem Security so one can verify 24/7 that those items are securely locked up for safekeeping until claimed.

Contact DenSem Security at 303-961-1184 immediately if you see suspicious activity, witness a crime, or feel threatened. Call 911 for emergencies, then call seminary security.

Remember: “If you see something, say something!”


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