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Prison Ministry Opportunities through Set Free Ministries

Let me introduce myself. My name is Brian Wilkinson, the Director of Set Free Prison Ministries, here in Lakewood. Our ministry is part of a larger ministry which was founded 50 years ago. Our chapter covers Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. We engage in correspondence Bible courses with offenders in various county jails and penal institutions. We are a non-profit organization (501c(3)) and are staffed strictly by volunteers. We do not engage in a face to face ministry with prisoners. We are anticipating the need for additional volunteers to help us with skills, knowledge and abilities that are going to be needed in the near future.

We immediately need a volunteer or volunteers to help our ministry establish a digital footprint by building a website and other technological venues. The work can be accomplished on site or remotely but would require hands on engagement with our staff. I understand that your graduate students are required to fulfill a certain number of hours or credits, working in a ministry field. This ministry would provide an excellent opportunity to not only fulfill those needs, but engage, network and meet with a diverse group of people to include chaplains and other pastoral and ministerial groups. It would give students a real world experience connected to the spiritual needs of a very lost demographic.

I am a retired law enforcement officer with 34 years of experience and can also provide some insight into that profession for interested students. I am a graduate of CCU’s Adult and Graduate Studies program, receiving an MA in Theology in 2018. I look forward to being able to provide an opportunity for students at your fine institution to receive real world ministry experience. Please feel free to contact me at or 720-318-2494, with any questions or candidate information. Thankyou.

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