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November/Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Your garbage disposal usually carries a heavier load around the holiday season. To keep your disposal happy this year, do not attempt to grind such items as cornhusks, cobs, celery, fruit pits, grease, potato skins, onion skins or any type of bones in the garbage disposal. If in doubt, do not put an item down the disposal. If your disposal is clogged, discontinue use (unplug unit from under sink) so you do not burn out the motor or cause a fire. Never stick your hand in the disposal to clear clogged items!

Store fall-related objects inside the garage that might allow access to your home. For example, ladders for cleaning leaves out of gutters can be used to enter a window or scale a fence.

Do not post your Thanksgiving travel plans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms letting people know that you will be out of town. Review your voice mailbox message to make sure it does not imply that you are away.

Make sure to have all mail and deliveries stopped or picked up by a trusted neighbor, friend or relative. Never leave a key hidden outside (Burglars know all the best hiding places). Secure all windows, including those upstairs and reduce the chance of easy entry by cutting tree limbs away from second-story windows. Use timers to operate lights to give the impression your home is not temporarily vacated.

Contact DenSem Security at 303-961-1184 immediately if you see suspicious activity, witness a crime or feel threatened. Call 911 for emergencies, then call seminary security.

Remember: “If you see something, say something!”

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