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Meet Laura Miller

Originally from Midwest City, Oklahoma, 29 year old Laura Miller is a teacher, traveler, and all

around creative. Laura graduated with a degree in Music Education and upon graduation moved to Thailand in 2015 to volunteer with Partners Relief & Development, a non-profit aid

organization working with refugees from Myanmar, Syria, and Iraq. Upon returning to The United States, Laura relocated to Vail, CO where she has spent the last four years teaching elementary music for Eagle County Public Schools.

During her time in Vail, Laura has made a name for herself performing locally as a singer-songwriter, hosting original creative events, and freelancing her musical and teaching talents to: The New York Philharmonic’s Very Young Composers program, Vail Performing Arts Academy, The Vilar Performing Arts Center, Vail Bravo, and Vail Jazz where she served on the advisory board for four years.

Most recently, Laura traveled to Amman, Jordan to teach English as well as an art based social-emotional workshop to children from Iraq, Syria, and Jordan. Laura has traveled to 19 countries and finds great joy in making friends across lines of difference. She believes the world is better, kinder, and more loving when we choose to put our fear aside and instead act out of deep compassion. Her faith is the motivating factor in her desire to bring people together. Laura believes God the Father through his Son achieved the ultimate act of reconciliation and calls us to be reconciled to each other.

Laura wrote her upcoming single, Meant for More, after her trip to Jordan. The bridge recites 1 Corinthians 13 “The greatest of all things is love.” When talking about the process of writing Meant for More Laura says, “We inherit so many narratives about who others are, and who we are in light of those differences. America has ongoing conflict with the Middle East practically my whole life. When I was in Jordan, I was so aware of the narrative I’d inherited. And knew people also had one about me. But I believe we are all “Meant for More” than the narratives we inherit of each other. I believe we are more than the wars we start. I believe we are all more than our worst and best moments. And I believe peace-making is an act we can all participate in regardless of where we are. I believe all acts of peace-making, big or small, matter in making a more loving world.”

Laura now finds herself as a first year School and Clinical Counseling student at DenSem. She is open to pursuing a career in music. However, her primary hope has always been to use her counseling skills to partner with non-profits locally and abroad who serve people displaced by conflict and oppression.

Summer 2021 Laura will release her first EP, Clearing. To hear Meant for More, or more of Laura’s music check her out on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, or anywhere else you listen to music.

To stay up to date, you can also follow Laura on Instagram or subscribe to her website.

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