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Donna McDonnel

Donna works with WorldVenture in Kyiv, Ukraine. Here was an update from her from March 3rd, as well as recent prayer requests:

Dear Praying Friends,

We are now ending day ten of the war Russia started. Ukraine is still holding on. Many of you are seeing all kinds of reports of different things on the news and it is hard to quickly condense all that we know to give you a coherent picture. What we do know is this: we know so many of you have been praying and we ask that you continue, fervently.

We are thankful that while we are here in Poland, we have witnessed how believers around the world are working day and night to help those fleeing. More than half a million people have crossed into Poland alone, and the border crossings are still very crowded. The WorldVenture team here in Poland has been working tirelessly to help these folks, whether with housing, food, medicines, supplies, information, and that’s both here in Poland and inside Ukraine.

Prayer Requests:

- At the moment, we can think of numerous people who are in the thick of serving who are overwhelmed, both here and in Ukraine. They have been going nonstop for 10 days, resources are running thin due to sheer numbers, and the bombs and the people keep coming. Your specific prayers for their stamina, wisdom, and grace are hugely needed.

- We would be remiss if we didn’t also ask you to pray for Russia. There’s so much I could write here, but the most urgent would be that the Lord would remove one man from holding so many people hostage to his evil.

- Kyiv has announced a curfew starting tonight (March 21st) at 8pm [Monday, 1pm CDT] and continuing through the day and night tomorrow until morning on Wednesday. That means they expect such a serious attack as to keep everyone inside throughout the day tomorrow.

- The nights are the worst, because the enemy of our souls and the enemy of Ukraine seems to choose those times to work their most intense warfare, even though the daylight hours are now becoming just as awful.

- Pray for those in the southern city of Mariopul struggling to live, struggling to save, struggling to hang on under constant onslaught. It's hard to use the word 'city' anymore, as literally most of the residential buildings there have been destroyed. Their sin? - being located where they are.

- And please pray, again, for the incapacitation of every single person carrying out orders, issuing orders, enabling any enemy action of any kind. Pray that the Lord would, by whatever means he chooses, removed Vladimir Putin from his position of authority TODAY.

If you would like to help:

Here is a link we can guarantee you will have great impact on the needs in this situation, but also will be easier to access than some of the international banking gymnastics. It is through our WorldVenture office in the U.S.:

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