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Student Groups

Our community is full of big-hearted, deep thinkers (like you!) who share many of the same passions. Join our student groups as a springboard to form friendships & mentorships.


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Women Seminarians

Women Seminarians creates a space for community, resources, and networking for women pursuing their seminary degrees. We are specifically geared toward ministry-minded women who are pursing vocations in spaces where they may find themselves in the minority.

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RCM Collective


The RCM Collective is a group for all students who identify as a Racial or Cultural Minority within their program.  If you've ever looked around at your fellow students and felt racially or culturally singular--this group is for you!

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Christians for Biblical Equality


ContactCBE Denver

CBE Denver is hosting Table Talks at 12:15pm on Tuesdays after Community Worship! Bring your lunch, grab a friend, and join us in the Student Center for informal, peaceful, and dignified discussions around relevant topics pertaining to biblical equality/mutuality. This is a fun way to meet people and hear a variety of perspectives. We do not dictate that all agree; we hope to have diversity at the Table!

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Alongside for Wives of Students


ContactPriscilla Young

Here at Denver Seminary, we don’t just care for and equip students, we are committed to caring for and equipping spouses as well! Alongside Denver Seminary is here “to encourage and equip wives of students to be dynamic partners in ministry, to embrace the opportunities that are unique to their God-given calling.” Alongside is a place to find support, encouragement and resources as they consider what ministry will look like for you together as a couple and family.

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The Denver Seminary Film Club

The Denver Seminary Film Club seeks to be a chance for residents of DenSem to meet, watch, and discuss movies. Whether you are interested in casually watching movies or having discussions about them, you are welcome!

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Jesus Friend House

Looking for great community and good food?  Maybe a themed dinner party or two?  How about a karaoke night?  Then the Jesus Friend House is what you're looking for!  Bring a friend, all are welcome!

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Global Students Group

Are you a global student interested in meeting and being in community with other global students? This group is for you!  We'll engage in a variety of different ways throughout the year--all accessible to online students!

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Counseling Honor Society (CSI)


ContactCSI Leaders

The Delta Sigma Lambda Chapter of the Chi Sigma Iota (CSI) Counseling Honor Society promotes professionalism, scholarship, leadership, personal and academic excellence, and integration in counseling through professional development, cultural engagement, and service within the community and field of counseling. Network with fellow counselors, find personal and professional development opportunities, discover free Continuing Education opportunities, and engage with your local community. Students who have completed at least 9 credit hours and maintained a 3.5 GPA will receive an invitation to join.

Don't see the group you were hoping for? Connect with Student Life for info about starting a new student group today!

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